We focus on business: high quality communications, excellent reputation
Our agency was established in 2019 in Moscow. The main competencies are corporate and strategic communications. We are interested in high-tech companies and markets. We develop and use together with our clients the latest technologies that allow us to achieve the best results. We adhere to our own ESG strategy and support projects related to ecology and education.

Our expertise

We are experts in the quality of corporate communications. We conduct surveys of journalists and stakeholders for our clients. We cooperate sufficiently with leading technology companies.
We create a marketing concept, communication strategy, launch advertising campaigns in digital environments — we combine high-quality content, brand values and technologies, easily find a common language with any target audience.
We fully undertake all the communication issues of our clients (Media Relations, Public Relations, Government Relations, Investor Relations), including anti-crisis management, pre-sale preparation and CSR.
Fill out our brief and we will answer you:
Scope of services
Consulting services
We advise our clients at all stages during project implementation and after completion.
24/7 support
We will always help you if you have an informational occasion or need urgent advice on anti-crisis response.
Business analytics
Our agency uses the new international industry standard AMEC. We will help with evaluation the quality of communication activities with taking into account your business goals.
External press office
If you need a press office for a certain period or you want to strengthen the existing one— we will be happy to provide our resources.
Online & Offline events
Any event formats in Russia. We have an extensive list of suppliers and partners — the best in catering and video production, new spaces for presentations and press conferences.
Communication strategy
We develop strategies different complexity, for any industries and goals — short-term or long-term. We have our own methods for analyzing and developing the KPI system individually for the project.
The classic launch of a PR / advertising campaign, media planning, selection of suppliers and communication channels, content creation, campaign implementation, data collection and executive report. Ideal for startups at the stage of attracting investment.
Industry research
We identify problem areas, which allows you to increase sales and customer loyalty. In addition, research is good content for journalists and partners.
Collaborate with us
If you want to join our team or you have interesting ideas – we have an affiliate program that we are constantly developing.